Friday, 1 May 2015

Mr. Peabody's Apples - A story about the damage than can be caused by spreading rumours

Thanks to my colleagues at school, I bring you this lovely story by no one else than...Madonna. 

This is a touching story about an admired baseball couach, who is seen by one of his players taking an apple from a delimarket. The boy spreads the rumor that the teacher is a thief and soon enough, the whole town believes it. 
Madonna was inspired by a Hassidic story about "Lashon HaRa". The story is educating, interesting and there's a lot of room for work on vocabulary and follow up writing assignments. 


The Narrated story on Youtube,  with the lovely pictures from the book (you can also turn on youtube "subtitles" in English). 

Two versions of the Hassidic story:

"A Pillow Full of Feathers" by Shoshannah Brombacher, who have also painted the lovely painting below.  
"Words as Feathers" by Rebbetzing Malkah.