Sunday, 26 April 2015

Following the Neapl Earthquake - Teaching about Earhquakes and Natural Disasters

If you wish to address the subject of earhquakes and natural disasters, after the horrible disaster that happened in Nepal on April 25th, I suggest the use of "Tales of Disasters" Kit of videos and assignments. The videos and materials were created by "No Strings International" and there are many more interesting materials on their website. 

These are illusrative videos that use muppets to teach kids who live in disaster areas, what to do when something of this sort happens. The English used is not very easy, but the kids can understand the occurence from watching. It is of course good to accompany the video with guided questions. 

The videos are about the amiable villagers of a village called "Desouana Balu". 

For example, here is the video of an earthquake:

the booklet is for all 5 videos, about floods, earthquakes, landslides, tsunami and volcanos. 

Links to the rest of the videos: